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The public transportation option in Grand Cayman is a public bus system which is considered efficient and inexpensive by most travelers. The buses have been operating for about ten years, reflecting the recent growth of the area. There is a bus depot located in downtown George Town from which all of the buses start their journeys.

The Grand Cayman buses start operating every morning at six and close down between 9:00pm and midnight depending on the route and the day. Hours are shorter Sunday through Thursday and longer on weekends. Buses run frequently; anywhere from every fifteen minutes to every hour on the hour, depending on the route.

Visitors coming to Grand Cayman from major cities are forewarned that these buses are not big city buses. In fact, in terms of the vehicles themselves, they are actually more like shuttle buses or large vans than they are like city buses. However, visitors should not be deterred by this small town style of transportation. The buses operate just like standard city buses and the drivers are usually friendlier than big city bus drivers.

Riders can alert the driver to stop anywhere along the route and even ask for a short diversion from the route (which may or may not be granted). If unsure of the location of your intended destination, alert the driver when boarding the bus and they will let you know when it has been reached. You pay your fare when exiting the bus. Buses accept USD or KYD. Change will be made in KYD.

Buses can be flagged/waved down anywhere along their route and the driver will pull to the side of the road to pick-up passengers. There are few dedicated bus stops in place.

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Route Colour Route (mouseover to view route map)
1   George Town – West Bay / Seven Mile Beach
2   George Town – West Bay / Seven Mile Beach
3   George Town – Bodden Town
4   George Town – East End
5   George Town – East End – North Side
6 & 7   Around George Town
8   George Town – North Side
9   George Town – North Side - East End - Bodden Town
Note: This route color is blue with white number

Bus fares start at CI $2.50.

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Coming to Grand Cayman Island and need affordable and efficent method of transportation? You can take the bus and fares start at CI $2.50.
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